Couldn’t it be “Disney World”????

Well, er… Hi!

Here I am again (well, not again to you, probably, but again to myself, and to be honest, one time too many. Hopefully the last time!)

Slimming World… Just to make it clear, I’m not being paid to advertise, nor I want you to believe that it’s the best slimming club in the world. It is, so far, the best one I found! So, because I go to it, I’ll be mentioning it. I’m here to try to share my journey, or at least to put it out there (in case no one ever reads it), so it’s not a secret anymore. I hope this will help.

I’d absolutely love to receive comments, to read what you’ve been going through – there are so many of “us” out there, eh?  It’s just so nice to know that you’re not “alone in the diet world”…

This is my first post – an introduction one. So, fat chicks, pack your bags, let’s go to “Slimming World”!!!

(p.s. No, no Mickey Mouse there, but hopefully loads of fun, healthy thoughts, healthy foods recipes and maybe even some new friends along the way!)

Thanks for coming along!



One thought on “Couldn’t it be “Disney World”????

  1. Thanks for the link – after lots of errors and false pingbacks we have a real pingback (link) – the best way to manage your weight is the one you stick with – so just suspend disbelief and take one day at a time – you can do it if you want too enough!

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